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“Knowledge Fusion Platform” Project 

Why this project ?

  • The knowledge fusion platform – KFP shall be an infrastructure of the knowledge society. The knowledge society is the actual development stage of the human society and it follows the industrial society and the informational society and it is a period linking period towards the knowledge society. The knowledge society is not only the economy based on knowledge but it is also a new economy, in which the innovation process is determinant, and intangible goods become more important than the tangible ones.
  • So, the knowledge society represents much more, as it ensures an unprecedented knowledge dissemination to all citizens, through new means, mainly using the Internet and the electronic book and the methods of learning through electronic procedures (e-learning), it follows the extension and the deepening of the scientific knowledge and of the truth about the existence, it is the only way through which a one shall ensure a supportable society from the ecological point of view and it shall be a new stage in the culture.” (acad. Prof. Mihai Draganescu – Culture and the knowledge society)
  • Romania, freshly entered into the EU, on January 1, 2007, benefits from a big volume of structural and cohesion funds through which it shall prepare the infrastructure compatible with the European one, as well as the same co-existence conditions as the ones of the European ones, in order to ensure a cohesion within the EU. -the EU supports the regional projects, and this project shall have a regional or even Euro-regional covering Who are the promoters of this project?
  • Arad County Conucil – European Integration Department and “Vasile Goldis” Western University Arad
  • the Informatics Department to which the Regional Development Agency -ADR V West, other administrative and governmental institutions (County Councils, Prefectures), other universities in the area shall be added. Through an action of information and sensibilization we want to get to a regional support (Arad County, Timis County, Hunedoara County, Caransebes County) even to an euro-regional, namely DKMT Euro-region

What is the knowledge fusion platform ?

  • It is a high-technology regional center (IT) having a strong communicational connection (satellite connections, optic fiber means, informational high-way – it is defined as a largely-extended network, able to ensure the transfer of any kind of data, especially the multimedia ones, and which is meant to play the role of global communications infrastructure, radio and wireless connections) and benefiting by technologies that go from satellite imagistic to digital televisions, from GIS technologies to info-mobile techniques etc, in which human experts in different fields work (defense and security, business, administration, health, land management and urban planning, health, communications, computers etc.)

The Knowledge fusion platform shall ensure a very diversified services range by the synergetic fusion of the knowledge in different fields, as:

  • business services (banking and insurance, education, stock market etc)
  • public administration and International Organization Services (e-government, education, grand segment engineering and operations, health, ICT Network, land management, natural resources management, navigation and info-mobility, GIS solution, management of disaster and emergency situation, etc)
  • Security services (education, ground engineering and operations, health, ICT Networks, surveillance and security etc)
  • Broadband services (services, providers, partnership program, contacts, etc)
  • Broadcast services (TV and radio digital mobility, connection of human expert etc)
  • Satellite imaging (photo and video imagistic satellite, connectivity, info-mobility etc)

Project’s beneficiaries

The Knowledge fusion platform (KFP) shall practically connect the V West region or even the DKMT Euro-region to the European or global world knowledge, thus being formed as a strong European infrastructure, so necessary for the society we live in. 
Practically each field of the society shall benefit by the services of this platform and the regional or even Euro-regional covering degree shall ensure the engine of their development, contributing to the granting of communication channels of our knowledge with the European or World ones.
By this infrastructure (KFP) technology and knowledge transfers shall be achieved, as well as e-learning, e-health , world health, agro-tourism connected to European packages shall be piloted, disasters and emergencies shall be monitored, it shall be a tool for an electronic administration (e-administration) for info-mobility and mobiles’ traffic management etc, and practically from each person to every institution, everyone shall feel the benefits of this infrastructure.

What shall be the implementing stages of this project? 

  • Organizing some conferences and information regarding the knowledge society and its infrastructure, the Knowledge fusion platform (KFP)
  • Gathering adhesions for this project from all potentially beneficiary institutions of KFP in the V West Region and then in the DKMT Euro-region.
  • Finding financing sources (European funds or PPP)0
  • Writing the project
  • Implementing the project


Era informaţiei cuprinde, în general, trei mari perioade: societatea informaţională, societatea cunoaşterii şi societatea conştiinţei.

Societatea cunoaşterii reprezintă mult mai mult deoarece asigură o diseminare fără precedent a cunoaşterii către toţi cetăţenii prin mijloace noi, folosind cu prioritate Internetul, cartea electronică şi metodele de învăţare prin procedee electronice (e-learning), urmăreşte extinderea şi aprofundarea cunoaşterii ştiinţifice şi a adevărului despre existenţă, este singurul mod prin care se va asigura o societate sustenabilă din punct de vedere ecologic şi va fi o nouă etapă în cultură (bazată pe cultura cunoaşterii care implică toate formele de cunoaştere, inclusiv cunoaşterea artistică, literară etc). În fine, societatea cunoaşterii asigură bazele unei viitoare societăţi a conştiinţei, a adevărului, moralităţii, creativităţii şi spiritului.

Vectorii tehnologici şi funcţionali ai societăţii cunoaşterii

  •  Internetul, pentru care este nevoie de o multiplă extindere în vederea societăţii cunoaşterii, prin cuprinderea fiecărei instituţii în reţea, a fiecărui domiciliu şi a fiecărui cetăţean, prin trecerea la transmisii de bandă largă, ceea ce înseamnă creşterea vitezei de transmisie...
  • Cartea electronică, o tehnologie care se impune şi va deveni esenţială. 
  • Inteligenţa artificială, despre care observam: ''În regim de croazieră societatea cunoaşterii se va baza în cele mai multe activităţi pe agenţi inteligenţi. Inteligenţa artificială va fi esenţa tehnologică a societăţii cunoaşterii.
  • Nanoelectronica, care peste un deceniu va deveni probabil principalul suport fizic pentru procesarea informaţiei, dar şi pentru multe alte funcţii ale societăţii cunoaşterii.